Your letters for Tuesday, June 30

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Phil Hawley, Calgary

Don’t make any deal with untrustworthy China

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau must reject the premise of the letter from the Group of 19. Their compassion and sympathies for the Michaels in custody in China are understood. However, their letter only suggests Canada may have a “legal” means to terminate Meng Wanzhou’s extradition. However, the 19 are neither responsible nor accountable for the outcome.

Even if China had indicated there was a possibility her release would end their imprisonment, the risk must not be taken. China has a long history of not honouring agreements or arbitrarily finding reasons to ignore them.

Release of the two Michaels in response to Meng’s release would confirm China had been lying all along that the two cases are not related. They will not admit this, so there will be no release.

The federal government must advise all Canadians to not visit or travel through China.

Michael Verdiel, Calgary