Your letters for Sept. 9

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What is the end game for the UCP?

If the UCP’s fiscal plan of the last two years was meant to help Albertans and improve the economy, it is a colossal failure. Somehow these people have racked up an additional $17 billion of debt. Have our lives improved? If this is “common sense,” it ain’t working.

If, however, the end game was to cripple our economy to privatize public services, it has been a colossal success. Public school funding has been cut, resulting in 1,400 teachers laid off. Universities are gutted and the UCP is dictating what they are going to teach. About 40 per cent of doctors are considering leaving the province. Pension plans are under attack, insurance costs have skyrocketed. Bill 30 established a two-tier health system. We are living in a new world of insecurity, loss of services and democratic rights, and that’s before COVID.  

The UCP has played fast and loose with public money. There is no accounting. Who knows where it all went? When these people are gone, they will be set up for life because of all the favours handed out to their cronies. And Albertans will be picking themselves out of the rubble, trying desperately to rebuild what has been taken from them.

V. Lefebvre, Edmonton

Private sector far ahead in terms of wages and benefits

Re: Don’t demonize working people, Letter, Sept. 1

Regarding the public sector sharing the pain, Cenovus Energy CEO’s total 2019 compensation was $9.05M. The Alberta Public Employee 2019 Sunshine list shows that, of the 3,358 Albertans earning over $100,000, only 14 received over $300,000. No one received more than $400,000.

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