Your letters for Sept. 3

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Out of step in taking a stand?

Re: Macdonald statue beheaded in Montreal; Protesters in several cities seek police reform, Aug. 31

I guess that I shouldn’t be surprised, but why on earth would Premier Kenney want to stride into such a divisive issue, as the Black Lives Matter has gained such momentum across the U.S., Canada and the world.

After the toppling of the statue of Sir John A. Macdonald in Montreal this weekend, Kenney announced that he would welcome it with wide arms and restore it and place it on the legislative grounds in Edmonton.

This type of grandstanding shows how out of touch he is with the Black Lives Matter movement, racism in Canada, and its significance to all Canadians — those who march in solidarity and those grappling with what
racism means.

And all of us must address this issue, black and white, to keep this momentum going to find solutions and create a better Canada, free of racism.

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