Your letters for Sept. 11

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Now the contractor is working all through the night, keeping residents awake and McIvor says who cares. Maybe he would care if all of this was happening outside of his house. Building a ring road is one thing, trampling over people’s basic civic rights and allowing law-breaking, dangerous behaviour is another thing.

Darrin Hopkins, Calgary

How about science?

Re: Left, right or centre, we must all open our minds; Opinion, Sept. 5

Whether on the left, right or centre of the political spectrum, Andreas Kluth pleads for us to be more open-minded and accepting when faced with new and better information that contradicts our beliefs.

It’s hard to accept that Kluth’s plea for more open-mindedness can somehow help to overcome biases when they can be hidden and deeply rooted in our psyches. But, all is not lost. There is science. Science takes the believer, with all his foibles, out of the picture. That is, as a scientist, you can harbour any belief you like, but, if it is to have validity, it must be backed up by hard evidence that is objective and available to all.

Perhaps Kluth’s plea should be for a greater appreciation of science, especially if truth and progress in advancing civilization are paramount. After all, it’s been science, and the scientific approach that is the standout when it comes to beliefs that lead to understanding and progress.

Rod Cooper, Calgary

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