Your letters for Sept. 1

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Let’s find workable policy solutions to our fiscal challenges, instead of demonizing working people.

Andrew Torry, Calgary

Shouldn’t we be investing in education?

The UCP government keeps claiming that education funding is going up this school year, in line with their election promise of “A United Conservative government will maintain or increase education funding.”

However, how does the government explain that in the last two years CBE’s funding has actually decreased by $701 per student and $673 per student within Rocky View Schools, as revealed by CBC Edmonton’s Janet French?

I understand that Alberta is going through hard economic times; however, isn’t investing in education by maintaining per student at least somewhat important to this government and the rest of Albertans?

Brett Dibble, Calgary

Dog attack dwindles faith in humanity

To the owner of a light tan, what I believe to be a pit bull/pit bull mix in the Evergreen area. Thank you for not stepping up and taking responsibility for your dog’s actions as a result of an unprovoked attack on my Shih Tzu. The attack and resulting jaw fracture have caused undue stress for my puppy and I. Thankfully I have pet insurance, but even so, I will still be out a decent amount of money that I will never see again. After her recovery, my dog will have lost enjoyment of about two months of her puppy life as she is unable to do those things a puppy wants to do. I hope you felt some sort of remorse when you found out what happened. I’m grateful the city is looking at making bylaw changes for pet owners because maybe then the owners of untrained, unsocialized dogs will have more responsibility for accepting damages their animals may cause. Once again, thank you — for dwindling my faith in humanity.

Sarah Dokken, Calgary

Sales tax proponents can always move

Every time I read a letter to the editor about Alberta needing a sales tax, my gut aches with angst.  People who keep suggesting this measure should really just move to a province that already has one if they love it so much.

Doug Winkler, Langdon

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