Your letters for Oct. 9

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Nothing new about PM’s questionable behaviour

Re: Casino suspect’s political circles; Alleged mastermind met twice with PM at fundraiser, cultural delegation, Oct. 7

Why should it come as a surprise that our prime minister is closely associated with someone involved in an illegal casino in Markham when multiple ethics violations have occurred during his tenure?

From Justin Trudeau’s vacation at a private island of the Aga Khan to the Jodi Wilson Rayboldt / SNC story to blackface to the WE scandal, he has clearly shown a lack of both good character and integrity as he continues to slip in and out of questionable ethical situations.

Margie Stinton, Calgary

Inheritance already paid for

Re: Inheritance tax can address income inequality, Oct. 7

MP Sean Fraser wants to “ask the wealthy to contribute a little bit more.” My father worked like a dog to become a chartered accountant. His parents fell on hard times and in his twenties he supported them as well as his own family. At 27, he got four duodenal ulcers and was forced to take three weeks rest. After that, he never took a sick day again.

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