Your letters for Oct. 31

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Heather Waldie, Edmonton

Oilpatch workers can’t strike

Wouldn’t it be nice if all the people about to be laid off from Cenovus could go on a “strike” and get their jobs back.? The unions (all) don’t get that there isn’t any money, and there will be less with all these layoffs. Less taxes, less money, pretty simple.

Mary-Anne Loftus, Calgary

Recalling pain of 40-year-old energy program

Re: Mazankowski’s storied political career mingled ambitious aspirations and crushing realities, Opinion, Oct. 29

I was struck by Don Braid’s comment “One of Mazankowski’s key jobs was to keep that loyalty by erasing the remnants of the NEP while showing Western Canada that fair treatment was coming.” Well yoo-hoo! We’re here and still waiting – 40 years later!

As I read articles on the disgusting NEP program, I am reminded of attending a Red Deer town hall meeting in the early ’80s. A federal bureaucrat was in town to make the NEP pitch. At the end of the meeting, a big burly man from “the patch” stood up and spoke about the devastation to the industry and his business, as well as the many families who were decimated financially by the federal assault on Alberta. He ended up in tears, as did many in the audience, and as I am in writing this letter. His pain then is no different than the pain felt by thousands of Albertans today.

After 40 years of political rhetoric and go nowhere behaviours, it is more than time to change the game. Albertans have grit, vision, courage, determination, knowledge, skill and talent. Let’s show the world what we are made of!

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