Your letters for Oct. 29

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Everyone has their own priorities

Re: Climate action must be a priority in city’s budget, Opinion, Oct. 7

Every week somebody wants their agenda prioritized. Routinely benefits are exaggerated and costs are underestimated. Prioritization of projects is needed, and not just by the city but every level of government. Projects should be prioritized to provide maximum benefit to the largest number of people, not to please special interest groups.

These are strenuous times and money is tight. We are currently facing equally significant challenges besides climate change: revamping education; health care; drug addiction and trafficking; economy and unemployment; pollution; hunger and food shortages; crime; fraud and corruption; and natural disasters.

So people who think that climate change is our biggest problem should think again.

Hans Firla, Calgary

Hoping for Trump win to bolster retirement

I am in my mid-eighties and a retiree from the oilpatch. My wife and I live, in reasonable comfort, on our invested RRSPs and Savings, CPP (only one recipient) and OAS. During the last four years, our investments profited from the bull market of the U.S. stock exchange.

Canada depends on U.S. government actions, be it economy, military security, world peace.

Joe Biden is a clone of our PM, attracted to the trappings of political power, whereas Trump is a challenge and a threat to the establishment’s political power. Biden, just like Trudeau, will shut down oil business, follow “Green Platform”, increase taxes, increase regulations, sell the country to the Chinese, allow North Korea and Iran and Russia to do whatever they want. Plus a possible flare-up in the Middle East.

In short, our retirement years will be in economic jeopardy, and at the mercy of the Chinese, the North Koreans, the Iranians and the Russians if Trump doesn’t win.

O. Yersel, Calgary

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