Your letters for Oct. 15

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Joanne O’Connell, Calgary

Is the RCMP independent of Ottawa?

In June, both RCMP Commissioner Lucki and Deputy Commissioner Zablocki completely caved to Prime Minister Trudeau’s assertions that their police force was guilty of systemic racism within hours of publicly taking the opposite position.

There can be no clearer demonstration that the RCMP is not politically independent of Ottawa and the Trudeau government. Attempts to suggest otherwise deny reality and continue the sham there will ever be an objective independent investigation of Trudeau, Butts and Moreau regarding allegations of obstruction of justice in the SNC Lavalin affair by the RCMP.

Whatever theoretical limits exist to Ottawa’s control of our national police force, it is clear where the real control lies, notwithstanding the best intentions of the RCMP rank and file.

Rick Gilborn, Calgary

Flying in the fast lane

Re: Road less travelled, Letter, Oct. 8

I’ve already travelled the new southwest ring road and it is a boon to me, cutting my time from near Glenmore and Sarcee to Canyon Meadows area, Southcentre and Fish Creek, as well as connections to Hwy 2 South in half!

The letter writer seems to think it was all about getting to downtown, and to Hwy 1 (which is coming eventually). For those of us long trapped in southwest Calgary by the convoluted and volume-choked route of Glenmore to 14th Street to Anderson, it is the best thing ever!

Doreen Templeton, Calgary

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