Your letters for March 6

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Taking issue with restricted gym openings

Re: Gyms, libraries permitted to open; Kenney eases some restrictions as province reports 291 COVID cases, March 2

Gyms can open, but with no high-intensity activities allowed. This is like saying libraries are open but no one is allowed to read books there.

Canada’s Fitness Activity Guide recommends 60 minutes of physical activity every day to stay healthy or improve your health. Most people go to the gym to do high-intensity activities, to get their heart rate up, burn calories and improve their mental health. This is impossible with the current Alberta guidelines.

I guess that no one in the UCP actually goes to the gym or has any clue about what actually goes on there.

There were 172 Covid cases attributable to 4,200,000 gym visits in Alberta, which is .004 of 1 per cent. We deserve more informed leadership and better decision-making on this issue.

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Miles Matulionis, Calgary

Which tactic will have more success in Chinese imprisonment cases?

Re: Trying to score political points when lives at risk, Letters, Feb. 27 and March 2

The difference of opinion expressed by the letter writers is quite interesting. On one hand, we have Sean Collins who favours the Churchillian approach of making a moral stand and deal with the consequences, while on the other hand, Jo-Ann Mason prefers that our PM uses the Chamberlain path of appeasement, by keeping his fingers crossed and hoping for the best.

History taught us which approach works better in the end.

Theo van Besouw, Calgary

Seniors take AHS to task

I appreciate Dr. Yiu’s apology. At least someone from AHS is taking responsibility for its lacklustre performance in the vaccine booking system. It appears that AHS thought that there would be a muted response from seniors to register and any problems could be fixed over time. The stereotypical image they have of seniors is obviously wrong. The majority of people 75 and older are not slobbering in their cereal. AHS knew how many people would be eligible and was very unprepared for the response.

My own frustration at trying to register leads me to think that there is a lot of incompetence among the IT people at AHS, from telling me my postal code was invalid to directing me to sites far away from Calgary, to showing registrations available at locations when they were not.

Robert Mann, Calgary

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Business can’t shoulder any more taxes

Totally out of touch! Only Mayor Nenshi and this city council would look at a 10-per-cent business property tax increase as a win. For years,  small business has struggled in Calgary under the huge tax load put on to them from this council. Small business has protested downtown about unaffordable business tax increases year after year now.

So now, during our worst year in history, business dropping like flies, this council is proud to put through another double-digit increase on failing business. Sad.

Brad Lake, Calgary

Seniors anxious to get both shots

Re: Alberta to extend time between vaccine doses up to four months

I want to say thank you to Dr. Hinshaw for allowing the second dose of vaccines to proceed. I am sure I speak for many seniors that the mental anguish of having to wait an additional four months, as is now the new method of treatment, would be extreme.  

Nadia Eitzen, Calgary

Don’t delay

Dr. Bonnie Henry and others may be on the wrong track for a couple of reasons. There’s no way to know if the COVID-19 virus may mutate to affect people with only one shot, thus voiding the effectiveness of the vaccine.

Also, the message it sends is dangerous. People could think they no longer need to get the second shot. Or folks who haven’t been wearing masks and haven’t contracted COVID-19 might wonder why keep wearing one? Or a church congregation meeting regularly against the rules that haven’t gotten sick yet will keep disobeying the rules.

Jean Reid, Calgary

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