Your letters for March 2

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Citizens have a right to City Hall as much as business does

Re: We need to end the gloom and plan for a prosperous future, Opinion, Feb. 26

George Brookman complains that in this time of crisis city politicians are spending time in “countless meetings … with civic groups that need money, facilities and food hampers” but not meeting with corporate leaders.

A gentle reminder for George: That first group? They’re called citizens. And in suggesting business leaders don’t get facetime with city politicians, perhaps he might want to check the visitor logs of city councillors ( Countless corporate representatives and business leaders parade in and out of council offices all the time.

I don’t begrudge those companies wanting to get their agendas on the radar of politicians. But to suggest, as Brookman does, that their voices aren’t getting heard is absurd.


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Paul Moore, Calgary

No more corporate handouts

Re: Kenney is stuck in an alternate universe of debt, and, possibly, a new sales tax, Opinion, Feb. 26

In my view, Don Braid’s talk of a sales tax is premature. I personally have no objection to a sales tax if needed but first, we must address our horrible corporate tax structure. We have the lowest corporate tax in Canada and the idea that this will create jobs is laughable. The money given to corporations has created no jobs and has been spent on CEO bonuses, stock buybacks and shareholder dividends. Then these same companies have laid off thousands of employees.

Meanwhile, we allow oil companies to not pay their property taxes to municipalities and walk away from abandoned oil wells leaving the taxpayers on the hook for up to $70 billion.

When the corporate community starts paying their fair share then we should talk about a sales tax and not one minute sooner.

Brad Tomlinson, Calgary

Trying to score political points when lives at risk

Re: Canada must boycott Chinese goods and the Beijing Olympics, Letter, Feb. 27

Sean Collins must realize why PM Trudeau and his MLAs abstained from the vote on condemning China for its treatment of Uyghur minorities. He mentions the two Michaels in his letter but doesn’t seem to connect the two. The Liberal government is involved in ongoing, delicate negotiations to bring about their release. A vote to condemn China for genocide would surely endanger that objective.


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Jo-Ann Mason, Calgary

Immunization went off without a hitch

Kudos to Alberta Health Care staff at the Richmond Road Immunization Centre on the opening day of immunizations! Parking signage was clear and parking was free. Floor markings led to the gymnasium where the injections were given, with distance circle markings assuring that proper distance was maintained.

Once inside, nurses at a host of stations took people in turn, did their assessments and then administered the vaccine. There were chairs for people to sit for the requisite 15-minute, post-injection wait. It seemed like a well-oiled machine to me.

Congratulations to all for an excellent rollout!

Elisabeth Hryciw, Calgary


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