Your letters for Jan. 6

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In fact, our governments are trying to alleviate the pain sustained by the air travel industry, to wit: 1) the feds are offering $500/week to any person “inconvenienced” by the mandatory quarantine period upon return, and 2) rapid-testing is offered to travellers arriving on transborder/international flights at YYC, meant to substantially shorten said quarantine.

While the merits of the first can be argued, those of the second cannot. The politicians did not break any rules. While they might be accused of poor optics, that’s all it is. What’s good for the “ordinary” folks should be just as good for them.

Pierre Simard, Calgary

Conservative concerned about future impact of debacle

I am a small “c” conservative in every way – fiscally, socially, etc. I vote for the most conservative party on the ballot.

So, I hate it when my guys shoot themselves in the foot, as in the recent UCP travel scandal. Arrogance and entitlement are not rewarded by the voters. The seeds of the demise of this government have been sown. We can now anticipate another NDP government in three years, and that really hurts!

John Stokoe, Calgary

Not enough to just follow the rules

Rules have been set by the province in an attempt to slow the virus spread and to spare the impact of the illness. While ordinary citizens have followed these rules, some elected officials, as well as Kenney’s chief of staff, chose to holiday abroad.

We are told they followed travel-related rules. But therein lies the crux! It isn’t enough for leaders to just follow the rules. The richness of a family, city, province and country depends on the care and compassion of each of us. It requires insight into others and related compassionate action. We expect our leaders to be governed by these qualities of character.

Due to public outcry, there have been consequences for those elected officials, but they remain in office. Are these the people we want shaping our province?

The lack of empathy demonstrated by leaders who chose only ‘to follow the rules’ is beyond disappointing. If these are our leaders, what has become of us?

Yvonne Hodges, Calgary

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