Your letters for Jan. 23

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School spread reflects lack of distancing

Re: Schools hit by surging virus cases, Jan 20

Online schooling started Nov. 30 and heightened restrictions have been in place since Dec. 13, therefore practicing safe distancing measures would have prevented the spread, if they had followed them.

In-person learning began Jan. 18 and, within a week, the cases increased, which says the kids are bringing it to school, are not abiding by the health restrictions, nor are others in the household. How can you blame the government for these actions? All of us, not just “some of us” can prevent the spread, so parents this is on you for not keeping your kids at home and allowing them to socialize with their friends. We all want to start living again, and those who refuse to help in that effort will prevent this.

Denise Janzen, Calgary

Forget KXL, move on to Energy East

Re: Kenney urges PM to pull out all stops in bid to rescue KeystoneXLpipeline, Jan. 20

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