Your letters for Jan. 12

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How very sad that MLA Miranda Rosin puts her personal “freedom” to do as she wishes before the common good of all Albertans. Attitudes such as hers will only prolong the suffering of the pandemic. I further despair that politicians of her ilk will not be able to grasp, much less grapple with, the threat of climate change which is menacing our world as we know it.  Our “old normal” is not coming back in 2021.

Ellen Monaghan, MD of Foothills

How is Rosin on public health committee?

I was very troubled to read about MLA Miranda Rosin’s comments regarding COVID-19 rules destroying personal freedoms. I was even more troubled to discover that she is deputy chair of the Public Health Act review committee.

Given the current public health crisis, if personal freedom is more important to her than public safety, I question her suitability for such a post.

Bonnie Bailey, Calgary

Vaccines don’t discriminate on moral grounds

Re: When will it be time for me? Jan 9

A friend called to express outrage that inmates in B.C. would receive the vaccine before she would. She has missed the point. COVID has no morals. The question is not who deserves the vaccine, it is who is the most likely to spread the virus? Convicts are the spreaders; to guards, counsellors, workers and family.

Health-care workers, long-term patients, and the frail, of course, go first. The spreaders need to be next. “Would you step aside for an anti-masker?” she asks. I am not a spreader. I mask, handwash, sanitize, and don’t leave home unless necessary. The anti-masker is the one who scatters the virus.

Don’t get me wrong, once we curtail the spreaders of this disease that has reeked physical, emotional and financial havoc around the world, I’m ready.

Janet Layton, Calgary

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