Your letters for Feb. 6

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Feeling shortchanged in Canada

Being retired, we normally spend our winters in southern California. All of our friends there have either been vaccinated or are about to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Although we are in a relatively higher-risk group as seniors, we think we will be fortunate if we are vaccinated in Canada by September. This tells you all you need to know about how badly Justin Trudeau and the Liberals have failed Canadians during this pandemic.

What is even more disheartening is the government’s failure to adequately support the development of a made-in-Canada vaccine by Providence, a Calgary-based company. If Providence had been based in Quebec, would the Liberals’ response be different? Every Albertan knows the answer to that.

Susan Burns, Calgary

Refund, please

While the UCP is refunding the billons they foolishly invested in non-renewable energy and in support of Trump, maybe they can also refund the millions they invested in their witch hunt of conservation groups that are trying to take us toward the future. Good leaders make good decisions and if they make bad decisions, they own them. We have a leadership void in managing our pandemic, our economy and our province.

Ian Wishart, Calgary

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