Your letters for Feb. 27

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Canada urged to boycott China and its Olympics

Re: Uyghur genocide label likely to be rebuked; Beijing may impose sanctions to send message to other nations, says former ambassador, Feb. 23

Prime Minister Trudeau and his cabinet stuck their necks in the sand and hid when Ottawa voted to condemn China for their treatment of their Uyghur minorities as genocide. He also abdicated his responsibilities by passing the buck to the Canadian Olympic Committee as to whether we should boycott the Beijing Olympics.

There is some pressure on the International Olympic Committee to move the Olympics from China, but the IOC royalty doesn’t care about human rights. The Olympics have become a despotic expose where dictators showcase their kleptocracy and oppression of their people.

If Canada does not boycott these Olympics they are condoning arbitrary detention of our two Michaels as well as many others being held illegally by this autocratic regime. It is time to speak with our wallets, and boycott all Chinese exports into western democracies and buy locally when we can.

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Sean Collins, Calgary

Paper health cards ‘passe’

Why do we have these flimsy Alberta Health Cards with a wallet shelflife of a year or so before they disintegrate in your hands? Why do we not have a plastic version like a driver’s licence with our picture on it to prevent fraud? The new cards could have a bar code to identify you with My Alberta Health. They could be phased in when you update your vehicle registrations and or driver’s licences. Using paper identity is passe.

Gabriel Marion, Calgary

Many concerns raised over vaccine booking

Those in charge of the AHS COVID vaccination program should have known that the system was inadequate to enrol such a huge group as 75 years of age and over. It would have been more efficient to enrol in smaller blocks such as 90 and over; 85 and over, 80, 75, etc.

The online system offers advice — if you can’t get through, call 811, which is not a great option. There is also the problem that a couple cannot register at the same time. There was plenty of time to plan this better.

Brian and Jane Lowry, Calgary

Day-long exercise in futility

I know I have nothing better to do than re-type the required information over and over all day long until 10 p.m. on Feb. 24 trying to get an appointment, which I did but was unable to get the corresponding second one; over and over again.

This method of getting an appointment for this very needed vaccination is a fiasco. Calling 811 is an exercise in futility. Acquaintances I know have the same story to tell. Guess I’ll be a candidate for COVID-19 instead.

Ardys Flegel, Calgary

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System worked fine for some

I think all the news reports and gnashing of teeth by many seniors about the vaccine booking delay were overblown. Yes, it was busy but, with more than 230,000 people trying for an appointment, glitches should have been expected.

Like many others, I started at 8 a.m. and managed to get through by 9:45 and booked an appointment for the next day. Those that could nor or did not get what they wanted just have no patience or anyone they can rely on to navigate the online systems.

Pearson James, Calgary

Grateful to hardworking medical staff

I recently had two very quick trips in succession to the Rockyview Hospital emergency department. I was so impressed with the care, compassion and help I received.

From the moment of arrival until leaving, I had nothing but excellent care from doctors, nurses and all staff. I never once felt that I was a “nuisance” on the already overloaded system. My second trip involved having to be taken from home by EMS. My husband had barely put the phone down when the ambulance was in the driveway. Again, the care and compassion were excellent.

It made me aware of how lucky we are to have health care, and the staff deserve all the thanks and appreciation we can give them. We are all aware of the long, hard labour and stress they are going through, but to the patient, you are their priority.

Sylvia A. Matheson, Calgary

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