Your letters for Feb. 19

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The two Michaels need Justin

Re: Naming, shaming nations won’t help two Michaels, Opinion, Feb. 16

A simple observation: Why is Foreign Affairs Minister Marc Garneau’s name attached to this file? This is an issue that demands the direct attention of our Prime Minister, and absolutely nothing less. This horrific situation demands actual leadership, not passing the buck.

Bruce Stewart, Calgary

Responsible snowbirds feel punished

We are snowbirds who left Alberta in October for our home on the Big Island of Hawaii. The state has one of the lowest infection rates in the U.S.; yesterday there were no new cases on our island.

The vaccine rollout here has been organized and timely, we are hoping to get ours before we leave. We did the pre-testing before arriving and are following all the COVID guidelines here. Other than missing our friends and family (who we can’t visit anyway), we are happy and healthy.

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The Trudeau government is using the hotel quarantine requirement as a scapegoat to deflect from the vaccine fiasco. Snowbirds are not irresponsible people and yet we are being punished, despite Trudeau claiming otherwise. We agree that doing a COVID test before departure and again upon arrival at the airport is responsible. Forcing seniors into a hotel is not.

Cindy and Richard von Hagen

Give credit where credit is due

Re: $1,200 cheques going to front lines; ‘They didn’t have the luxury of working from home’: Kenney, Feb. 11

Premier Kenney appears to have succumbed to public pressure and is finally releasing the money that has been awaiting dispersal for 10 months. He also failed to acknowledge that 75 per cent of the money is actually from the federal government.

I’m happy frontline workers are receiving some money, but I imagine some lives might have been made easier had it been given earlier, as it was in all other provinces.

Mary King, Calgary

Stop blame game

I keep seeing articles regarding vaccine rollout. The countries receiving vaccines are generally those producing them (primarily the EU and the United States). The Mulroney Conservative government privatized Canada’s vaccine capabilities so we lost the ability to produce our own in the 1970s. That needs to change and the Liberal government is investing in PPEs and vaccine production so soon Canada can supply their own for Canadians.

Some provincial conservative governments are focusing on vaccine rollout to detract from their poor handling of the pandemic. Those premiers, with low approval ratings, Kenney at the bottom of the list, need to follow federal recommendations and continue to encourage following rules to end this pandemic.

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Charles McTavish, Calgary

Questioning the CERB stats in Calgary

Re: Nearly 70% of residents in northeast got federal COVID aid, Feb. 16 

According to Statistics Canada, the labour force participation in Canada for people 15 years and older is about 65 per cent, yet somehow 70 per cent of those in that age bracket in Skyview Ranch received CERB emergency funding in the initial month of the program. That is five per cent more people than could possibly be in the labour force. Does this mean no one in the community had a full-time job or pension of any kind?

Robert Penny, Calgary

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