Your letters for Dec. 31

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I know the logistics are difficult, perhaps even requiring immunizing international students ahead of Albertans. But I ask, please prioritize returning students to classrooms next fall. I can wait.

Collin Heggerud, Calgary

Questionable arguments

Re: The hard truth is, a business case no longer exists for Green Line; The city needs to pause the project, 12 Calgarians suggest, Dec. 28

The article raises two questions:

1. What about rethinking the new hockey arena; will it make sense in post-pandemic Calgary?

2. Is the issue really taxes or not having the Green Line in the northeast?

Brian Foster, Calgary

Decades later, still a contentious topic

Re: City council owes it to Calgary’s children to return fluoride to our water, Opinion, Dec. 26

Fluoride naturally occurs in the Bow and Elbow Rivers between 0.1 to 0.4 mg/L. A recent panel of five experts recommended a level of fluoride be set at 0.7 mg/L. Does the anti-fluoride camp even know or care when the level naturally quadruples? Is part of the resistance to roughly doubling it, come partly from terminology. Maybe the exaggerated labelling “un-fluoridated” vs fluoridated could be more accurately labelled as “naturally low fluoridated water” and “fluoride enhanced water”, like savvy marketers label vitamin A & D fortified milk, Iodized salt, etc, Then the issue could be less polarizing.

Also, remember the water that flows into Calgary is not owned by Calgarians. We just borrow it, it all goes back into the Bow River eventually. Do we have to remove the fluoride, if downstream communities don’t want it? What if some want it, and others don’t? Do we even ask them?

Ken Brandt, Calgary

Damage done not worth revenue

I am sure that Peter Lougheed rolled over in his grave to know that our premier has moved to allow strip mining on the Eastern Slopes. To even think about scarring one of the most beautiful and pristine areas in the world is unconscionable.
When one considers the potential damage to watersheds and the environment, it makes this decision even harder to understand. Revenue gained isn’t worth the risk.

Give your head a shake Mr. Premier!

Gordon Welch, Calgary

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