Your letters for Aug. 21

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However, our health authorities only reported 146 deaths from the novel coronavirus in the same time span — about a quarter of the excess mortalities.

So Health Minister Tyler Shandro, were 493 coronavirus deaths in that time period deliberately understated, or were they incompetently missed?

Despite an official first reported death from the coronavirus on March 19, I suspect the virus was in Alberta in mid-January.

If the City keeps sewage samples, the date the virus arrived in Alberta can easily be determined by testing for its RNA.

Mike Priaro, Calgary

Bylaw may lack teeth, but it encourages mask usage

Re: A bylaw without teeth, letter, Aug. 15

I can appreciate Elaine Proulx’s concerns about our mask bylaw not being enforceable, but I see the bylaw in a different light. When the City announced that masks are now mandated in public spaces, it is a signal to all of us that we should wear masks in the appropriate public spaces. Like the laws on seatbelts, drunk driving, etc, there will always be those that don’t follow the rules. However, the bylaw still tells and encourages most citizens to wear a mask and more comply than if there was no bylaw.

Marilee Sharpe, Calgary

We should designate certain parks for seniors, the immunocompromised

Why are we not being innovative and; especially during these hot, summer days, designate city parks for seniors and compromised citizens? Riley Park is a perfect example. Volunteers could be enlisted to disinfect areas like park benches, entrances, etc., the whole park is flat, so it is ideal for walkers and wheel chairs, it is super large for social distancing and full of beautiful trees, lawns and flowers. There is ample parking and easy road access — perfect! And I would even volunteer.

We do this for our dogs and pets, so why not make the effort in every area of the city for our seniors and our compromised?

Margrit Mortensen, Calgary

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