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Rick Plowman, Calgary

Climate of fear does more harm than COVID-19

Re: Corbella: Statistics show students who return to school — without worry, Aug. 18

Bravo, Licia Corbella, for your sensible article about students returning to school. This current climate of fear is not backed by statistics and is causing a great deal more harm than the actual virus does — especially in our children.

Dorothy Cowling, Calgary

Kids’ mental health should take priority over COVID-19

Re: Corbella: Statistics show students who return to school — without worry, Aug. 18
As Licia Corbella suggests, the mental health, social development and education of kids should take priority over the extra risk of catching COVID. This is clearly true for kids and parents under 50 where the risk is very small, but it is also true for grandparents. My wife and I feel that the slight extra risk of us catching this virus is outweighed by the importance of getting our grandchildren back to school. We feel it would be selfish to want otherwise. I suggest that the majority of Albertans, including grandparents, are in agreement with this. Unfortunately, it is those who have needlessly panicked who have been getting most of the attention.

Peter Mannistu, Calgary

Schools should do a smaller trial reopening

What if instead of all schools opening and all kids going back to school in September, we played it a little safe and had, say, two larger elementary schools, two large junior high schools and two large high schools open their doors the first day and see how that turns out after two weeks of strict monitoring? It seems to me that given the risk of the unknowns, sending the entire population of students, teachers and other staff back all at once is not very wise. I foresee that the most burning question to pop up might be who gets to pick the children or volunteer their children and the staff for such a venture. The only answer I have is that otherwise, everybody goes back and takes the risk.

G.A. Takats, Edmonton

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