Your letters for April 7

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Seniors appreciate all being done

Albertans have long been known for their strengths in difficult times. Today is no different.

Stringent regulations have been put in place to protect everyone, particularly the elderly. I live in a senior’s home. I am in complete isolation as I recover from a broken hip. My doctors check on me by phone. My family and friends keep in contact by phone or email. One friend often stands alone on the sidewalk below my window and phones me.

Words are not enough to express how much I appreciate those who follow the rules to assure my safety, their own and that of others, of those on the front lines, those who give money and expertise, and to those who are just ‘a phone call away.’ Thank you.

Jacqueline Donoghue, Calgary

Calgary VJ influenced many

I was first introduced to Mike Bezzeg in 1981. I had just finished Grade 9 and an acquaintance turned me on to “alternative” music with the magnificent Joy Division single Love Will Tear Us Apart. That song forever altered my musical direction in life. I only talked to Mike maybe four or five times; he always had time to chat about music. I watched his show (FM Moving Pictures) faithfully.