Your letters for April 29

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Oh the madness of it all

Page A2 of Saturday’s edition contained the headline “Albertans asked to stay away from BC”. On page A11, a half-page ad reads “Vancouver Welcome on Board.” It is welcoming Turkish airlines. They will be starting flights to and from Vancouver on May 2.

Does this mean that as an Albertan owning a home in Windermere, B.C., I can now legally reach my vacation property via Turkey?

Megan Darling, Calgary

UCP fees destroying legacy of K-Country

Re: UCP announces user fees for Kananaskis, citing increased traffic and expenses, April 28

I am writing to express profound disappointment with the Alberta Government’s announcement of a day-use fee for Kananaskis Country. As a Calgarian raised in a modest income home, I am deeply concerned this fee will create barriers for youth and families in similar positions today. Without the opportunity to camp in, hike about and explore Kananaskis Country, I would not be who I am.

I would also like to point out that I already pay a user fee to enjoy this spectacular area: Provincial income tax. Unlike the user fee, income taxes ensure that those who can afford to pay more do so. This allows all Albertans to benefit from recreation regardless of their means.

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When combined with last year’s elimination of parks and park services and the recent coal mining policy fiasco, the government’s lack of respect for publicly funded parks and protected lands is apparent. Kananaskis Country represents one of the Conservative Party’s greatest legacies. Its destruction may now be the legacy of the UCP.

Matthew Hobbs, Calgary

City’s intent to densify costs family

Re: Councillor burns family’s desire to rebuild dream, Opinion, April 23

If anyone was wondering about the impact the Guidebook for Greater Communities will have on our city, look no further than the decision made by city administration regarding the Dairy Queen on Centre Street North. These individuals want densification on that lot. Consider that there is no application for such use. Councillor Farrell believes such use may be appropriate at some point in the future if the Green Line miraculously makes it that far.

This is the mindset of this council and administration. And this is being done without the Guidebook being approved. Can you imagine the destruction this admin will inflict on our city if it is approved?

Andrew D. Weldon, Calgary

Column ignored fact planning rules guided decision

Besides the fact that this headline sounds like Councillor Druh Farrell personally burned down a family restaurant, this column is misleading. Ms. Corbella exploits the sad story of this family that lost their restaurant to a fire several years ago. Counc. Farrell did not decide to veto this rebuild — it is called planning and development.

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One only has to drive two blocks south on busy 16th Avenue during lunch or dinner hour to understand why this is not a place for a drive-thru restaurant. Peters’ Drive-In holds up an entire lane of east-bound traffic on 16th Avenue for many, many blocks daily. Many times I think I am making slow progress to my destination before I realize I am in the french fry line.

Perhaps Corbella could have done a little bit of investigation before writing her heart-wrenching story.

Rob Butler, Calgary

Retail workers tired of the abuse

I work in retail. Lots of stores require full mask, nose to chin, no exception. Every day we are yelled at and called names. All the people who act in this manner are adults! They are proving to be nasty, disgusting, crude, vile, abusive, mean, vulgar, venomous, and any other word you would like to inject here.

We have been deemed essential by the government. We are here to help you get what you want and need. We have to wear a mask eight hours a day! If you can’t wear a mask, don’t come into the store. Everywhere offers curbside pickup and online shopping.

Can you please pretend you are an adult, and act like one. Name-calling is for children.

Moira Harris, Calgary

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