Yolanda Sargeant, Hello Moth release video and song to lift spirits of the dead and the living

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In September, a ragtag crew of artists staggered into the badlands.

They stumbled, they danced, they fell to the ground, they helped each other back up, they smeared turquoise paint on their faces and bodies.

It was all in service of a video by Calgary artists Yolanda Sargeant and Hello Moth for Hold Me Up, a duet that perfectly blends the former’s warm, soulful vocals with the latter’s talent for chill, synth-pop production. It’s ostensibly timed to mark Sunday’s All Saints Day or Monday’s Day of the Dead when various cultures honour their saints and ancestors. But it was also an attempt to lift the spirits of the living, Sargeant says.

“There’s a full moon on Halloween in Taurus, which is the blue moon,” she says. “Basically they are saying it will be the end of an era.  It’s warding off evil, it’s starting a new era and it’s trying to bring people together.

Uplifting, visually stunning and more than a little surreal, the video should only add to the carefully cultivated air of mystery that surrounds both artists. Directed by Calgary’s Samantha Ferrari, it makes good use of the otherworldly backdrop of Alberta’s badlands. With costume design by local Indigenous art director Cheyenne Richard, the idea was to capture both an ancient and futuristic look, Ferrari says.

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