Woman who laundered hundreds of thousands in cash from money lending fraud scheme handed three-year sentence

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“Your primary involvement was to launder the proceeds of these frauds,” Brooker noted.

He also said this wasn’t a one-off crime.

“They were numerous and they were sophisticated,” Brooker said.

And he said not only were they complicated schemes, Tran played an “integral part” in them.

But one thing which weighed in Tran’s favour, the judge said, was her take in the criminal endeavour, which occurred over a 15-month period in 2013 and 2014.

“Although the various schemes exceeded $1 million, you personally benefitted only around $6,000.”

Brooker also gave Tran credit for her guilty plea, which demonstrated she accepted responsibility for her actions and her lack of a prior criminal record.

“But for this particular matter, you appear to have led a productive and law-abiding life,” he said.

On Wednesday Brooker convicted another player in the scheme, Kalim Khan, of six charges, including conspiracy and money laundering.

Khan will face a sentencing hearing May 22.


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