Woman tells courts she suspected common-law husband in dogs’ deaths

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Suspected dog killer John Richard Geick made his then-wife feel she was “crazy” for suspecting he had abused her two canines.

Joanna Smith broke down in sobs on the witness stand while describing her initial suspicion Geick had abused her dead Basset Hound, Sophie, two days before she discovered her second dog so injured it had to be euthanized.

Smith testified she awoke on the morning of Feb. 15, 2018 to discover Sophie had died.

She arranged to take the dog to a veterinary clinic, but didn’t point out that the animal had bruising on her belly.

“No, I didn’t until a day after Tyler (her second dog) died,” Smith told Justice Bernette Ho.

“But these purple bruises weren’t making you suspicious about Sophie’s death at the time?” defence lawyer Efrayim Moldofsky asked.

“Yes they were,” Smith said.

“I was suspicious the entire time. It didn’t make sense that her body was wet and he made me feel like I was crazy for even thinking he would do something like this and I thought I was,” she said, before breaking into sobs.

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Geick faces two animal cruelty charges in connection with the deaths of Sophie and injuries suffered by Tyler, a Chihuahua that had to be euthanized on Feb. 17, 2018 because of injuries he suffered.

Court was earlier told both dogs suffered blunt force trauma.

Smith told Crown prosecutor Rose Greenwood that her then-common-law husband woke her up the morning of Feb. 15, 2018 to say Sophie was struggling to breathe. When she went to the dog it was dead.

The woman took the animal to a nearby clinic to have it cremated, but when she discovered Tyler in distress two days later and learned he was too injured to be saved her suspicions were heightened and she called to have Sophie’s remains transferred to the Calgary Humane Society for examination.

Smith also confronted Geick about the animals’ injuries.

“He said I was awful for even thinking that and got upset,” she testified.

“I asked what happened, that I knew something was wrong. I needed to know what happened.”

She continued to press Geick as they spoke in the living room of their southwest Calgary home, suggesting he was reacting to being stressed.

“He started crying,” Smith said.

“And I just said I needed to know and he nodded as he was crying.”

Smith asked Geick if he had kicked the dogs.

“I can’t remember if he nodded or he was just crying, he was very emotional.”

The trial continues Wednesday.


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