What Calgarians can expect from 2021 fees and taxes

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Calgary Transit fares will be frozen in 2021, leaving the price of riding the bus or CTrain at $3.50 for adults and $2.40 for youth instead of increasing by 10 cents as planned. Prices for the monthly low-income pass range from $5.30 to $53, and the annual senior pass will still cost $145.

City pools and recreation centres are currently closed due to provincial public-health restrictions, but recreation fees will also stay where they are until, according to a city spokesperson, there’s a “better sense of what services and service levels will be permitted under provincial health orders in the long term.”

That means for now, recreation passes and arena and athletic field rentals won’t cost more — but they need to be allowed to open again first.

Black, blue and green bin fees will also stay flat instead of increasing in 2021. And water bills for the typical residential metered customer will go down by about two per cent.

Wastewater rates will go up next year, but they’re increasing by 4.5 per cent instead of a previously planned hike of slightly more than five per cent. Stormwater rates will stay at 2020 levels.

A planned $1-ticket surcharge on for-profit festivals and events in city parks was postponed this year after widespread event cancellations due to COVID-19. That fee also won’t appear in 2021 due to uncertainty about how the pandemic will unfold.


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