Track-by-track: Zadravec’s song choices on new album, Now and Then

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Original artist: Jesse Winchester
“Recently, when I started playing guitar, (my dad) bugged me about that one. He would say ‘What about Biloxi?’ I didn’t tell him that I recorded it until I got to play it for him.”
His reaction?
“I think he was pleased. He’s like: ‘Shaye, I don’t get emotional, but I almost cried once or twice when I listened to it.’ ”

Original Artist: The Replacements
“When you think about a Skyway, you think about something like the Plus-15. How many times have you walked through the Plus-15 and seen someone sitting at a bus stop? It’s just a really good image.”

The Whispering Wind
Original artist: Mandy Barnett. Written by Russell Brown, Pat McLaughlin
“That is one of my earliest memories of (being) a kid is singing that song. It was on a Mandy Barnett album that my dad had. That one I’ve known forever.”

Night Drive
Original artist: Lynn Miles
(Manager Neil MacGonigill) recommended that to me as well. That one I was drawn to right away because I knew it was about being on the road. It was like: ‘Maybe one day I’ll be a touring musician and I’ll be so tired and road-worn and weary that I’ll relate to this song.’ I was intrigued by that.”

Did You Fall in Love With Me
Original artist: Prairie Oyster
“I didn’t know much about Prairie Oyster until a few years back and that song was one of the first ones I heard. That one I had worked up live. My sister and I used to do happy hours at The Blues Can. We had a three-part harmony worked out with Tim Leacock. So I was happy that made it on there. I love Russell deCarle, he’s got an amazing voice. That’s someone I look up to. I would love to be able to be that calibre of musician and singer.

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