‘Today I will not be silenced’: Women sexually abused by Calgary neurologist have their say in court

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“I convinced myself it wasn’t that bad, it was my fault … I now know that’s not true.”

Hoyte, 72, pleaded guilty in January to 28 counts of sexual assault for abusing female patients, including one who was just 17 years old at the time.

Both Greenwood and defence counsel Alain Hepner proposed a joint submission for a sentence of three years in a federal penitentiary.

Justice Jim Eamon will decide Monday afternoon whether to accept the recommendation.

One victim described being referred to Hoyte for a “mystery disease” which had defied diagnosis by other physicians.

“I went into the hospital filled with hope,” she said, reading her own statement.

“He would be the one to resolve the mystery.”

But Hoyte had other ideas, the woman said.

“Instead of finding a hero I learned the true meaning of a monster … they prey upon your vulnerability,” she said.

“Monsters depend on your silence.”

But like many of the victims, she said having the ability to express her pain in court, something she said she was deprived of when he pleaded guilty, was cathartic.

“Today I will not be silenced,” she told Eamon.

“I am using (my voice) to defeat a monster.”

In agreeing with Hepner that a three-year sentence was appropriate, Greenwood noted that despite the volume of women victimized by Hoyte, none of the offenses could meet the legal definition of a major sexual assault.

Following the statements and legal submissions, Hoyte addressed the gallery, where 18 of his victims were scattered throughout the cavernous jury selection courtroom.

“I am deeply ashamed and I wish I had a magical power to help you heal,” he said.

“I do not expect forgiveness, but I am truly sorry.”


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