Sweeping views: New Crescent Road homes take streetscape to another level

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In developing the homes’ relationship with their surroundings, glass size and placement were only part of the equation.

“One of the homes has five outdoor living spaces,” says Ohlson of Maillot’s pair.

This includes a front patio, side patio, two rear patios and a rooftop patio off a bar.

“One is an outdoor eating area with heaters outside, a barbecue and the doors completely slide open,” Ohlson says of its rear outdoor spaces.

“It’s almost an extension of the house,” he adds. “It’s something that you usually only see in warmer climates, but because of the heating system and the architecture we have actually been able to (build that in Calgary).”

The rooftop space of this home also includes an entertainment area with a full-service wine room, which will have a Champagne dispensing machine.

Maillot’s other home on this street will have a front patio, rooftop deck and a rear yard designed as a forest scape.

Its rooftop deck will include a hot tub, “which you have to have with that type of view,” jokes Ohlson.

At Stonewater’s, “the whole backyard is basically a sport court with back windows that open wide, so you can be outside, inside and it flows right through to the front of the house,” says Graham.

“If you are in your backyard shooting hoops you can look through, see into the house, and it’s wide open — you’ll be able to see the city from the backyard.”

When the occupants of this home are looking for ways to stay physically fit, but don’t want to go outside, they can just retreat to the basement, which will have a swimming pool and sauna.

Maillot made fitness a factor, as well, with one of its homes committing the entire third level to a gym and spa.

“When you’re exercising, you can open the door and have this incredible 180-degree view of the city,” Ohlson says.

When it came to land size, Maillot went the extra mile. The builder took four standard lots and consolidated them into two.

This resulted in each lot reaching a whopping 100 feet by 120 feet.

“They’re some of the largest lots you can find in the city,” says Ohlson. “There are areas that have bigger ones … but (these are) up there.”

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