Students in quarantine face disruptions in learning, fewer supports

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Cocking said teachers cannot film a classroom with students in it and then send it to students at home. The union has also raised privacy concerns about teachers filming themselves from inside their own homes.

As a result, students in quarantine, particularly those in higher grades, are forced to learn on their own with some email or phone call support.

“Families are scrambling as their kids’ education is completely disrupted,” said Medeana Moussa, spokeswoman with the Support Our Students advocacy group.

“And then so much of it is just being placed squarely on the shoulders of teachers.

“We knew these cases were coming, yet there was no plan in place, no foresight to deal with this kind of fallout.”

Online learning for kids in quarantine is separate from students who have registered for Hub Online Learning, which is yet to begin for most grades.

CBE chief superintendent Christopher Usih said this week with so many challenges in spreading out teaching resources, Hub learning is expected to begin sometime this week.

But Cocking said most Hub teachers are just planning a brief check-in with students this week, with daily virtual learning to begin next week.

“Principals are still trying to balance all of their resources at this point. They’re still seeing the loss of some of their in-class teachers to go over to the Hub. And they’re waiting to see if they’ll get another teacher, or if their classes will just get bigger.”

Both of Calgary’s school districts are working to distribute new funding from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as part of a $2-billion Safe Return to School Fund.

CCSD will get $20 million, while the CBE will get $44 million. Half of the money will be distributed this fall, and the other half in the new year.

Usih has said the CBE will have to spend much of that funding on cleaning staff, online learning supports and PPE supplies.

Provincewide, there are 62 confirmed cases in 45 schools where individuals attended while infected.

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