Step-dad charged with severely injuring young girl didn’t want to call 911, her mother testifies

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“Tyler was sitting with (her) and I sat right in front of them.”

She said she took the four-year-old from Laberge’s arms.

“I asked him to grab my phone and asked him to call 911 and he said, ‘No, she just has a concussion and she’ll wake up at any time.’”

At that point, the woman called her daughter’s father and he was able to convince Laberge to take the child for medical help.

“He had to wait for somebody else to say, ‘No, we need to take her to the doctor.’”

Laberge, 33, is charged with aggravated assault in connection with the injuries the child sustained on March 11, 2018.

Court earlier was told the girl suffered a traumatic brain injury and was initially confined to a wheelchair, but has since improved somewhat.

A pediatrician said despite her gains, the girl’s brain injury is permanent and she will suffer through life-long disabilities.

The mother said she asked Laberge what happened to her daughter and he said she fell in the bathtub while he attended to the child they share.

“All he kept saying was, ‘She fell in the tub; we heard a big bang and she fell in the tub.’”

Video surveillance showed the mother leaving work at 3:31 p.m. after receiving the call from Laberge and arriving in the apartment minutes later.

Cameras captured the accused carrying the girl to his van at 4:27 p.m.

The trial continues.

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