Review: StoryBook tackles mature themes with sensitivity in Spring Awakening

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All of this confusion, anger, hurt and rebellion leads to a youth uprising.

One of the strongest highlights of StoryBook’s Spring Awakening is that the 36 performers are always on stage, adding considerable weight to the chorus numbers.

The adults are played by young actors but Thibodeau keeps them in shadows or they have their backs to the cameras, emphasizing the disdain they have for the teenagers.

Thibodeau and his young cast do not shy away from the adult themes in Spring Awakening but the scenes depicting seduction, same-sex attraction, abortion, suicide, sexual and physical abuse and masturbation are handled with a sensitivity that makes them all the more poignant. None of the dialogue or lyrics have been edited, making this show inappropriate for preteens without parental guidance but powerful with such guidance.

All of the 11 principal performers are outstanding, especially Forward and Arnason as the young lovers, Nikko Angelo Hinayo as the boy driven to suicide and Kalia Kryvenchuk as the ostracized teen who tries to help him.

Spring Awakening is now available to screen any time or day and on any device until Sept. 30 for $32 by registering at

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