Officer ended up in ICU after being run over by fleeing stolen pickup, judge told

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Cole checked the licence plate and called into dispatch indicating, “It’s one male occupant, fast asleep.”

A second officer, Const. Brian Want, arrived on scene and saw Cole walking away from the pickup towards his police vehicle saying, “He says he doesn’t have ID.”

Want continued to walk towards the pickup and saw Irwin “shift the gears on the truck and crank the steering wheel to the right,” Greenwood said.

Want ran at the truck and was able to grab the partially open window while yelling at Irwin to stop.

At that point, Cole attempted to run to the passenger side of the truck and Irwin put his foot on the gas, accelerating to more than 50 km/h in six seconds.

“Const. Cole was hit by the front bumper of the truck, pushing him face down where he was dragged for approximately one metre on the pavement and run over by the front and rear passenger tires of the truck,” she said.

Irwin slammed on the brakes, but then quickly accelerated, fleeing the scene.

Greenwood said Cole suffered multiple injuries, including a facial fracture, two vertebrae fractures and a broken ankle and ribs.

“Const. Cole was in the ICU for four days on a ventilator,” she said.

“Internal bleeding was causing his right lung to collapse.”

The officer required surgery to fix a partially severed finger and fractured ankle.

Greenwood told Ashcroft that she and Blumer will be presenting a joint sentencing submission when the case returns to court on Oct. 9.

Irwin remains in custody.

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