Officer charged with assault says he believed suspect had slipped cuffs

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Dunn said he attempted to pull away from Kafi’s grip, but was unable to.

He then took her to the floor in what he said was an attempt at a controlled takedown he had learned in training.

Video of the incident shows Kafi immediately after her head hits the floor, still in restraints, but the cuff on her right wrist had slid up her forearm.

Dunn, who was standing to the detainee’s right, between her and the camera, said despite Kafi’s right arm remaining attached to her left, she was able to bring it up to his face level.

“With her hand being so close to my face I could blatantly see her wrist and that area and there was obviously no handcuff there.”

Fearing Kafi, who was arrested for breaching release conditions of a curfew and no alcohol consumption, might have a hidden weapon, or use a dangling cuff to strike him, Dunn decided to restrain her.

“Essentially what I had tried to do was effect a wrist-lock, dynamic takedown on Ms. Kafi,” he said.

“She ended up going forward to the ground.”

A freeze frame of the video once Kafi was on the floor bleeding showed her hands still behind her back, with the cuff on her right side up her forearm.

The trial continues.

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