Notorious dangerous offender back before the courts on new sex charge

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Bascom sentenced Jenik to two years on charges of sexual assault and committing an indecent act in public after the city man sexually molested a teenage girl at a bus shelter and exposed himself to her.

The judge said while Jenik’s lengthy criminal history for such crimes warranted a dangerous offender designation, gaps in his prior offences suggested a sentence less than an indeterminate term could adequately protect the public.

But in finding Jenik met the criteria for a dangerous offender tag, Bascom said his past and the evidence of mental-health professionals painted a poor prognosis.

“The analysis of Mr. Jenik’s criminal record, the facts surrounding such convictions and the expert opinions of health officials lead the court to the inevitable conclusion that Mr. Jenik has shown a failure to control his sexual impulses,” the judge said.

“Mr. Jenik, by his conduct, in sexual matters, including the offence to which he has pled guilty, has shown a failure to control his sexual impulses, and there is a likelihood in future of him causing injury, pain or other evil to other persons.”

When Jenik was released in September 2016, Calgary police issued a public warning about his return to society, urging people to remain vigilant if they came into contact with him.

Because Jenik has already been ruled a dangerous offender, if he is convicted of the latest sexual allegation Walsh could renew her call for an indeterminate sentence for him.

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