No ‘do-over’ for convicted sex offender, as judge rules trial lawyer made no errors

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Convicted sex offender Vasilios (Bill) Georgopoulos was not a victim of inept legal representation, a Calgary judge ruled Thursday in rejecting a mistrial application.

Justice Alan Macleod said he found Georgopoulos’ former lawyer, Dale Fedorchuk, conducted a “skilful” defence and there was no miscarriage of justice in his prosecution.

Macleod said that while he convicted Georgopoulos, his trial counsel presented “an excellent argument . . . as to why I should acquit the accused.

“I was impressed with the skilful manner in which Mr. Fedorchuk handled this case,” the judge said.

Georgopoulos’ new lawyer, Kelsey Sitar, had argued Fedorchuk failed to grill the complainant sufficiently on inconsistencies in her evidence, suggesting a more thorough cross-examination could have destroyed her credibility.

If so, Macleod may have come to a different conclusion about the Calgary man’s guilt, Sitar said.

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