Nelson: It’s put up time for Trudeau in delayed vaccine roll out

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Sure, there were some who rebelled against the constantly changing strictures imposed by that dynamic duo of health experts and political head honchos, but the vast majority of us did as we were told, even passing out Halloween candy on hockey sticks, to beat the virus.

So now it’s their turn. Even with the best will in the world, it isn’t in our power to deliver vaccine shots into our neighbours’ waiting arms. The vital bit of this puzzle is in the hands of those who’ve hogged the podium for almost a year.

And guess what? The wheels are already falling off. Across Canada, the amount of available vaccines in the hands of provincial health authorities is dropping alarmingly as Pfizer reneges on earlier promises to Ottawa.

This is despite earlier bragging from the prime minister about how Canada had bought up in advance more vaccines per capita than anywhere else. Well, you could also order every pizza in Calgary, but if none reached your front door that night you’d remain both hungry and severely out of pocket.

Not long ago, Trudeau was criticizing the provinces for not moving fast enough in vaccinating Canadians. Suddenly, he’s gone rather quiet.

Here in Alberta, our health authority has led the country in testing and was doing the same in administrating jabs to front-line workers and the vulnerable. But now supplies are quickly running out, despite Ottawa’s previous promises.

Words are now not enough. Telling us this is merely a bump in the road is pathetic. Or are we to ask what’s causing this bump: needless extra body bags run over on life’s dangerous highway?

It’s shut up and put up time for our prime minister.

Chris Nelson is a regular columnist for the Calgary Herald.

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