Nelson: Calgary city council picks its issues to suit its vanity

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Yes, the man Prime Minister Justin Trudeau should afford an unlimited expense account in order to resurrect Canada’s ailing hospitality industry is back in the headlines.

Come on down, Coun. Joe Magliocca. Hey, and feel free to bring some name-to-be-filled-in-later guest with you.

Magliocca’s been a tad quiet recently, but most Calgarians will still recall how he submitted thousands of dollars in meal receipts for get-togethers while on city business for which the names of the guests turned out to be entirely fictitious.

When that finally came to light, it might have been expected the same bunch that can’t wait to battle sexism, racism, any-ism, would dive headlong into such a close-to-home scandal.

But that didn’t exactly happen. In fact, the entire administration over which they preside also was reluctant to get hands-on with Magliocca’s expenses.

Instead, an outside auditor was brought in, a move we recently learned cost ratepayers a further $64,000.

Hello? Is anyone working for the city that can add? Or make calls asking: “Hey, did you have the pleasure of Magliocca’s companionship? on some particular day?” Apparently not, it seems.

For ratepayers, tired of dealing with tax hikes way above inflation every year, this is too often the case: that a council and administration with time on their respective hands to engage in tackling all this virtue-signalling stuff are yet far too busy to deal with issues themselves that are laid right against their own doorstep.

Chris Nelson is a regular columnist for the Calgary Herald.

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