Nelson: Building Back Better will batter Alberta into oblivion

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We’re being played for suckers, O’Regan being just the dreary warm-up act, marking time while the knife is sharpened. In a few weeks, we’ll feel its bite when the throne speech unveils how Alberta will be roadkill on some saintly march to build back better.

Of course, it won’t be sold that way. It’s likely we won’t get mentioned at all. But sometimes — as Bob Dylan once sang — you don’t need a weatherman to know which way the winds blow. And, here in Wild Rose land, it’s about to reach gale-force.

As usual with the Grits, there’s a seductively sweet smell to this build-back-better blather.

It stems, of course, from the ongoing pandemic, where our national government is already spending close to $400 billion more than it brings in to insulate everyone from COVID carnage.

But don’t for a second believe that now, when at least we have the death rate under control and there’s some return to normalcy, would be time to turn off the emergency spending spigot and instead look to revive those pillars of Canadian economic growth — energy, forestry, mining, agriculture, batteries (oops, sorry) — to boost tax revenue and rebalance the listing ship of state.

Instead, to discover the planned alternative, simply peer into the horse’s mouth.

Last week the prime minister pronounced he’ll be asking Canadians to “embark on an entirely different direction.”

Meanwhile, back in Ottawa, even senior civil servants, who never saw a dime they didn’t think belonged to the government, are apparently balking at the new spending plans in the pipeline.

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