Nelson: A little COVID optimism would go a long way in this pandemic

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Sure, plan for the worst, that is professionalism. But why yet another reminder we’re all facing more possible future threats? Is optimism a banned word in medical school?

Oh, and as a tasty side dish of woe, we’re informed this virus could be around until January 2022 at least. Whoopee, another 16 months of the weekly dose of fear show.

Yet, despite modelling ranking alongside fortune-telling in accuracy, people are so scared they cling to every projection, rubbing sanitizer into their palms until they bleed while fearfully sending children off to school, praying they’ll see them again come suppertime.

OK, bitter experience suggests stating a few pertinent facts will annoy many Calgarians. Still, here we go.

(Oh, and these numbers come courtesy of the Canadian and Alberta health authorities.)

In Canada, a land of almost 38 million people, one single person under 20 has died of COVID. (About 90 such youngsters die in traffic accidents in our country every six months).

In Alberta, we haven’t seen the death of anyone under 60 since April 23. Of all those who’ve died, only six didn’t have at least one underlying deadly condition. Most had at least three.

Sorry to be the bearer of such less-fearful news. So yes, wash your hands, keep your distance, wear your mask and be wary — all wise actions. But please, Armageddon’s a long way off.

Chris Nelson is a regular columnist for the Calgary Herald.

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