NDP calls for probe after Lethbridge officers demoted for using positions for ‘personal advantage’

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Phillips said she has been worried about her safety since filing the complaint about the Lethbridge officers “harassing” her in public three years ago.

“It is very disturbing,” she said.

“Using police power to stalk and intimidate a minister is the stuff of police states.”

Phillips said she questioned whether this was an isolated incident. She said the punishment the officers received was not enough.

“In my view, a mere demotion and still driving around the streets of Lethbridge for having intended to place someone under surveillance for political reasons, and for reasons of political intimidation, is a very egregious contravention of the trust that we place in officers,” she said.

“It does nothing to make me feel safer in my community or my own home.”

NDP justice critic Kathleen Ganley, who served as justice minister under the former government, called on current Justice Minister Doug Schweitzer to appoint an out-of-province investigator and special prosecutor to probe the matter further.

“I don’t think this matter can be left with the police service at this point because I think there are grave concerns about the actions that were taken here,” Ganley said.

“Clearly this was a gross abuse of the police code of conduct.”


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