Milder fall forecast for southern Alberta according to Weather Network

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Southern Albertans should hold off on breaking out the parkas and snow boots well into fall.

That’s according to the autumn forecast from the Weather Network which predicts the region won’t see a repeat of the early onset of freezing winter conditions last fall.

Instead, outbursts of milder temperatures should continue well into autumn, says the network’s meteorologists.

“Before we settle into winter, we expect extended periods of mild weather for October and November with near-normal temperatures for the season as a whole,” states the Weather Network’s website.

“We are not in a free fall into winter. We expect that October and November will feature extended periods of mild fall weather and a delay in the arrival of consistent winter weather across most of the country.”

The seemingly dramatic descent into colder conditions so far in September shouldn’t be considered a harbinger for what lies ahead this autumn, said the network.

There could still be bouts of snow before winter fully sets in, says the forecast.

It says an early, active Pacific jet stream will likely be excess moisture in the southwestern prairies.

Normal high temperatures for Calgary as of Sept. 16 will be 17C, and should be 0C by Nov. 30, says The Weather Network.

By contrast, parts of northern Alberta will likely see cold conditions sooner, it predicts.

The forecast for this week calls for temperatures in the high teens and the lower twenties.

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