‘Kept up all night’: Ring road construction neighbours lament dust, noise during relentless work

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Dust control measures, he said, have also deteriorated with fine particles coating backyards and entering homes.

“When they’re working, I can’t enjoy my patio, I have to brush everything off,” said Cousine.

“They’re not meeting their requirements for dust monitoring.”

Water trucks tasked with tamping down dust are often visible but idled at the worksite, he said.

And he said town hall-type updates from Alberta Transportation that were put off before the COVID-19 pandemic hit last winter haven’t been rescheduled.

Residents who live near 85 Str. and Lower Springbank road have had enough of the dust and noise as construction on the ring road has kicked into overdrive in Calgary on Thursday, August 27, 2020. Photo by Darren Makowichuk/Postmedia

Other members of the community have said that the work has degraded the quality of time they’ve been forced to spend at home due to COVID-19’s impact on travel.

“There is an utter disregard for the families that live in the area and whose health and well-being are impacted,” resident Georgette Bradley said in a post on the Springbank Hill Community Association’s Facebook page.

“It is impossible for us to enjoy our backyards or even our homes due to the noise and dust levels. We’ve had air purifiers and fans running constantly but the dust continues to cause breathing issues.”

Like Cousine, Bradley said she supports the building of the ring road, but that “a little courtesy and consideration for the families’ lives that they are disrupting isn’t too much to ask.”

KGL has been “just left to do what they want” by the province, said Marshall Naruzny of the Springbank Hill Community Association.

Completion of that portion of the project’s west phase — which runs from Old Banff Coach Rd. south to Hwy. 8 — would bring a long-awaited finish to the 101-kilometre ring road.

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