How the Calgary Stampede led to an Aussie and a Canuck writing a No. 1 country song together

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The trip to Calgary would prove fruitful in other ways, namely the creation of a single, Breakin’ Hearts, that debuted at No. 1 on iTunes Australia earlier this month and hit regular rotation on that country’s major radio stations. It’s now hitting the playlists of country radio in Canada as well.

Jensen had been touring with Amy Nelson, a Regina-based singer-songwriter who has also found success in Australia. While Jensen was in town, Nelson introduced her to Troy Kokol, a Calgary-based Metis songwriter and producer, and Calgary songwriter Chris O’Neil and the three decided to write a song together. 

“Troy had some time available and I just went over and we got to it,” Jensen says. “So it was sort of spur of the moment.”

The two continued to collaborate, albeit over long distances. Jensen returned to Australia and Kokol eventually produced, engineered and mixed the song, playing all the instruments himself. The resulting track is a dramatic and brooding slow-burn ballad that has apparently taken Australia by storm. The involvement of Canadian artists means it meets CanCon specifications as well, which has opened the Canadian market to Jensen.

“She is a great person to work with,” says Kokol, in an interview from his Calgary studio. “She is so talented and has a work ethic like I’ve never seen. Most artists aren’t that focused.”

After the two produced a rough demo of the song in Calgary, they began to working together remotely.

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