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Jarvis Hall Gallery

Tenth Anniversary Show, until early October

Celebrate 10 years of Jarvis Hall Gallery with this exhibition featuring many of the gallery’s artists. Just one on that list: the unforgettable John Will, a painter, performance artist and printmaker, who has been an artist for more than 50 years. Irreverent, exceptional, entertaining — the list of adjectives used to describe Will and his work is long.

Newzones Gallery of Contemporary Art

Bradley Harms, Savant-Garde, now through October.

Brad Harms holds a bachelor of fine arts degree from the University of Calgary and his work has been shown all over the world: Miami, Singapore, Tokyo, New York City, Munich and beyond.

“These paintings all build upon the history of abstraction, shining the flickering light of contemporary life upon them to create objects that are at once forward-looking and reflective of the speed at which our culture currently moves,” Harms says.

Also on view, Samantha Walrod’s solo exhibition, Crossroads and Corridors, examines the interaction between people and wildlife.

Ruberto Ostberg

Alberta Potters Association Group show, Twenty Twenty, through Oct. 17, 2020.

For five decades, the Alberta Potters Association has nurtured the talents of Canadian clay artists. See their work during this anniversary show.

Also on view, Calgary artist Mary-Leigh Doyle’s Teacups and Tattoos features paintings of young local women “and honours the bright and promising future they and women like them can look forward to,” according to gallery owner Anna Ostberg.

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