Encouraging his friend to commit cold-blooded, execution-style murder lands Calgary man eight-year sentence

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Wilson dismissed suggestions by defence counsel Brian Beresh that Delaire’s role in the shooting death of Colin Reitberger, for which he was convicted of manslaughter, was no more than encouraging Ouellette to do something he would have done otherwise.

Instead, the judge said, Delaire urged his friend to “be smart” and take steps to cover his tracks.

“Clearly, according to Delaire (in surreptitiously recorded conversations), Ouellette had a penchant, or reputation, or at least a willingness, to engage in public displays of violence,” Wilson said.

“Clearly, Delaire was trying his best to guide his good friend away from being identified as the killer.”

During their trial, court heard evidence Ouellette believed Reitberger may have been involved in the theft of a cellphone, which was useful in the profit of their drug-dealing endeavours. He also indicated he was paid to kill Reitberger.

The May 21, 2017, ambush at the Real Canadian Superstore parking lot on 130th Avenue S.E. also resulted in the death of innocent bystander Anees Amr, who was with Reitberger and fatally shot to eliminate him as a witness.

The crime scene outside of the Real Canadian Superstore in Mckenzie Towne where two people were gunned down on May 22, 2017. Ryan McLeod/Postmedia

Wilson agreed with Crown prosecutor Katherine Love that Delaire’s manslaughter conviction put him at the high end of such crimes amounting to a near murder.

Love had argued for a prison term of 10 to 12 years.

Beresh sought the mandatory minimum of four years, legislation he unsuccessfully tried to challenge before Wilson.

He said outside court he will consider an appeal of both the conviction and sentence, including his argument the minimum for manslaughter with a firearm shouldn’t apply to someone who aids or abets a killing.


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