Dissident Calgary church, furniture business cited for COVID-19 violations

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Inspectors gave the church until Jan. 24 to produce a relaunch plan and to make sure masks are worn and that household groups are spaced two metres apart during services.

Adkins on Thursday wouldn’t comment on the AHS order.

A month ago, Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Anne Kirker rejected a request by Northside and Medicine Hat’s Heights Baptist Church to stay the public health restrictions, ruling their concerns were secondary to the threat of COVID-19.

Senior Pastor Tim Stephens of Fairview Baptist Church was fined $1,200 for refusing to suspend services when cited for physical distancing and mask violations earlier this month.

He said it was “essential” that his congregation gather in person.

Meanwhile, AHS ordered Dynamic Furniture Co., at 5300 61st Ave. N.E., to close as of Thursday after it was found staff who’d had close contact with COVID-19 infected individuals were working instead of being quarantined.

“Contact tracing undertaken by the company did not follow the prescribed definitions for close contacts, thus staff who should have been excluded from work were not,” said AHS.

Inspectors said they also found some workers weren’t wearing protective masks and others used them improperly, while soiled gloves were being worn.

Physical distancing and cleanliness violations were also detected, said AHS, whose officials ordered the business’s operators to address all of those issues before reopening.

On Thursday, the city said it had handed out 21 more tickets in the past week to people failing to wear protective masks, bringing the total to 134 since a bylaw mandating them took effect Aug. 1.

In the past week, seven more tickets for violations of COVID-19 public-health rules were issued, for a total of 167 since Nov. 24.


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