David Parker Around Town: Welcome 2021

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Most people wishing others a Happy New Year have been adding a phrase to the effect of “hopefully it will be much better than 2020” for good reason.

Obviously, an end to COVID-19 is foremost on all of our minds. Humans are pack animals and we need to be in the company of others, whether it be with family and friends, in the creative atmosphere of the office, or enjoying a coffee or a local draft beer together.

As I look forward to 2021 there will be, for sure, changes on city council this election year. I commend anyone for deciding they would like to participate in making this a better city, but some councillors have been trying for too long.

There could be at least half a dozen changes in chamber seats come October, and although new members will take on huge responsibilities without serving any kind of apprenticeship, we do need new blood.

Meanwhile, the current council has some big decisions to make. One is to take another hard look at the financial implications of the construction of the proposed Green Line. An opinion column in a recent Herald doubted the business case to go ahead right now. It was written by a group of Calgarians I have the upmost respect for, due to their business sense and genuine long-time commitment to this city.

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