Crown seeks dangerous offender tag and indefinite prison term for convict with long, violent past

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“The system has just sort of missed him.”

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But Singhal said that while in the future treatment might lesson the risk Runions would pose to the public, Labrenz shouldn’t gamble that it will.

“There can be no question that his pattern of offending is dangerously violent,” Singhal said.

“The risk that he poses to future public safety is high.”

Runions pleaded guilty last August to a charge of aggravated assault in connection with a July 20, 2017, attack in which he chopped another man’s neck with a machete.

According to a statement of agreed facts, victim Krzysztof Kierzek, then 51, had travelled to the downtown area that day to enjoy a day off work. He ran into a man he knew only as Ryan, who Kierzek knew from his past to be a drug dealer.

They chatted for a while then parted ways, but Kierzek saw him again later in a park at 17th Avenue and 11th Street S.W. with another man named Chris, with whom he consumed a small amount of alcohol and crystal meth.

Soon after, Runions arrived at the park and joined the group and eventually all four left, walking north on 11th Street S.W. A few blocks later, Chris left and the other three ended up walking down an alley behind buildings on 14th Avenue S.W.

There, Runions pulled out a large machete and struck Kierzek in the side of his neck, severing his jugular vein and breaking his jaw bone.

The attack was one of three committed by Runions in that month, which resulted in aggravated assault convictions.

Labrenz will hear further submissions from Urquhart on Friday.

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