COVID-19 Update: International community ‘failing’: U.N. chief | ‘Collective effort’ needed: Tam | Calgary on AHS watchlist

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The former Portuguese prime minister said far more could have been done if countries had worked together to combat the disease, which has killed more than one million people.

“The COVID-19 pandemic is a major global challenge for the entire international community, for multilateralism and for me, as secretary-general of the United Nations,” Guterres told Portuguese news agency Lusa.

“Unfortunately it is a test that, so far, the international community is failing.”

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Manufacturers start to deliver 40,000 ventilators, but Canada may not need them

In the early days of COVID-19, there was a real fear ventilators could be needed on a mass scale. It has proven to not be the case. Photo by Jonathan Hayward/The Canadian Press/File

When the first ventilators rolled off a hastily put together assembly line, Rick Jamieson wanted to deliver them himself.

Jamieson, president of ABS Friction an Ontario brake pad manufacturer, climbed into the cab of a truck and went along for a 400-kilometre drive in late July.

“I, with the truck driver, drove it to Ottawa. That’s how proud of it we were.”

Jamieson’s first 12 ventilators were part of an order of 10,000 that a consortium he helped put together is delivering. In total, the government ordered 40,000 from a variety of companies, including several small firms that overcame technical challenges, supply issues and other problems to get the machines built.

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Tam calls for continued ‘collective effort’ against COVID-19

Dr. Theresa Tam, Canada’s chief public health officer, gives a COVID-19 update on March 19, 2020. Photo by Blair Gable /Reuters

Canada’s chief public health officer is urging residents to continue making a “collective effort” to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic as parts of the country face new rounds of restrictions meant to curb the spread of the virus.

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